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2011 Top Soccer Jamboree

What a wonderful sight. 
At this time I would like to thank all that attended and especially all that contributed time and energy.  I know I am still recovering.  LOL…First let me start with the wonderful 98 beautiful children. 
Thank you District 4, District 7 and of course our wonderful District 8 (Tracy) attendees.  You are such special players and the joy on your faces make it so worthwhile.  You are definitely worth all of the energy and time. 
Thank you to the parents for their wonderful comments and praises.  We don’t need them but they are  wonderful to hear.
Thank you to Oakdale Youth Soccer, Ceres Youth Soccer, and Tracy Youth Soccer for the wonderful Raffle Prizes that were donated.  Every Child was able to receive a fantastic wonderful gift for attending. We received beautiful water bottles, backbacks, bags,T-shirts, balls. So much to name I know I have forgotten stuff. 
Thank you Tracy for the gifts to the coaches of pennies and ball bags. 
Thanks to TYSL for the T-Shirts and Medals that every child also received. 
Thank you to District 8 for the fantastic BBQ that the children and families were able to partake of along with helping with the event. 

So now for the individual thanks that are so richly deserved.
Jesse and family…Thanks for the BBQ and help.  That big of a BBQ made it easier to produce faster.  And for your and Phil helping Carolynn and Stuart set up all the goals and keeping my trusty steed (gator) in working order.
My better half…Thanks for taking your Saturday and BBQing for this event and helping clean up.  And keeping me healthy this week so I could enjoy this event I so look forward to.
To my wonderful board-  Who are always there to give this program what they need and deserve.
Bob and Connie Asklof-  I don’t know what to say except thank you for always being there to support this program.  You are always there no matter what.  Whether it be financial or physical.  It never goes unnoticed.  It was so nice to have you there.
District 8 -  for always being there for this program and backing Carolynn and Stuart and starting up programs in your own leagues slowly but surely.
And last but not least Carolynn and Stuart Rafferty.  Your unflailing devotion to these young players is so obvious.  Your hearts and souls are so on your sleeves for these loving children.  You take your time to spread the word all over about this fantastic program and to visit and instruct.  You are awesome.
I am sure I have forgotten someone or people.  I so apologize.   But it has been a long two weeks and putting this together isn’t easy as you can well imagine.  I think Carolynn is still sleeping.  LOL
Once again THANK YOU to everyone but most importantly thank you TOPSoccer participants.  You are PRECIOUS.
Shirley Thompson
TYSL President
District 8 Registrar
CYSA Rules  & Revisions Chair

Enjoy some of the pictures from this years 2011 Top Soccer Jamboree;

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